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What is a Doula? And Why Do I Need One?

A birth doula is someone who provides non-judgmental constant emotional, physical, spiritual support, as well as education and advocacy to a birthing person during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. A doula assists the pregnant person to make informed decisions and advocate for themselves in hopes to achieve the birth experience desired.

A birth doula does not replace a midwife or medical professional and does not give clinical advice.

As your doula, I am present for labor and delivery, providing comfort measures, assisting in breathing techniques and visualization to keep labor progressing, creating a safe and containing space, advocating for the birthing person and serving as a middle man between you and your family and the birth team, giving your birth partner or family members breaks, and so much more. 

The presence of a doula has been proven to decrease the chances of interventions including inductions, epidurals, and c-sections. A doula acts as a reminder to her client and her birthing team that birth is not a medical emergency or something to be feared. As your doula I will provide consistent, unbiased support. My priority is your comfort and care above anything else. 



How is a Doula different than a midwife?

Great question! In short a midwife is a licensed medical role, they work in homes, birth centers, hospitals. Throughout your birth they will come in a check progression, dilation, and vitals. 

A doula will tend to your non-medical needs, and will support you emotionally. Doula's work for you the client and will be by your side through every contraction.

How are you handling COVID?

I am fully vaccinated and have the most recent booster shots.

I am happy to use masking, gloves, at-home COVID test kits in any capacity to make you feel the most comfortable. At times I may choose to use these protective measures based on the circumstances.

Do you support the use of epidurals/induction/cesarean, etc.?

Absolutely! As a doula my focus is on your emotional and educational support.

Regardless of how you birth, a doula's participation improves outcomes in all of those circumstances.

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